4-Day Healthy Foundation Workshop

3-Day Foundation Workshop

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Healthy Living Inspirations  

Often when faced with health issues, it can be quite challenging to know where to start and in what direction you need to go to support your body to heal.  There are so many different websites and health gurus promoting that their way is the best with the underlying message that one size fits all.  However, every person has a very unique and amazing body and depending on the path we have chosen to travel and how we are in our livingness will depend on how we respond to not only traditional medical care, but also to other forms of therapies as well as the never ending enticements of fad diets. There is no one size fits all when it comes to our health and our healing.

When we truly acknowledge that our body is an amazing creation and accept that it is communicating with us all the time, we will then begin our own personal healing. The unfortunate reality is that many of us are not connecting into our body and for most of the time are not listening at all…until we experience a serious health issue which will stop us in our tracks, and at that time some of us (not all) will then start to look more closely at what is happening in our bodies, and how we can then support our bodies to heal. We become empowered when we take personal responsibility for our own health and stop expecting our medical practitioner to come up with some magic pill to fix what, in many cases, has taken years to develop in our bodies due to the way we have been living. Medical practitioners are trained to identify and treat the symptom…yet there is so much more to you and your health than just the symptom and what has led to that symptom (which is your bodies way of getting your attention).

If you are at the point where your health is your priority and you would like to set new patterns that will support you in your journey to better health, then the first step is believing that you are worth the investment of time and the dedication to learn what is true and supportive for you and your body.

4-Day Healthy Foundation Workshop 

Whether you are wanting to lose weight, eat a healthier nutritious diet, learn alternative meal options due to allergies and food intolerances, or want to connect more to your body and change the way you are living…our 3-Day Healthy Foundation Workshops can provide you with a solid starting point.

This 4-Day workshop has been developed to support you in your journey to true health and vitality and will inspire you to make small changes that can make a big difference.

  • As you progress through the 4-Day program, you will learn how to tune into your body and be more grounded with how you are living, rather than being controlled by the thousands of thoughts that bombard us.
  • You will learn the difference between eating in stress response and actually eating to support your body. This alone can make an enormous difference to your health and in your life.
  • Stress has such a damaging effect on your body and in all areas of your life. You will learn techniques that, when practised, can reduce your stress levels and allow you to think more clearly.
  • Over 3 days you will be involved in ongoing hands on food preparation workshops for every meal. You will learn how to add more nutritious wholefoods into your meal plans and will create delicious fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner options along with tasty treats. All gluten and dairy free and with no processed sugar.
  • You will be inspired by how easy the recipes are and how creative you can be with fresh wholefoods and how amazing everything tastes…so different to processed foods and so much better for your body, mind and soul. Your taste buds and body will be come to life…
  • You will feel how powerful it is to give yourself appreciation and healing time. You will have the opportunity to experience a gentle esoteric healing massage and also be treated to an energetic facial release.
  • You will have fun each morning with gentle exercise and stretches that will help you connect into your body and start your day with clarity.
  • There will also be the opportunity for a one on one consultation during this time to delve deeper into your relationship with food and challengers that you may be having with unwanted patterns, especially if you have been on the never ending diet train and just cannot lose any weight.

Further Information: 

Food Workshops: As a Raw Food & Vegan Chef I am really looking forward to leading you through our meal preparation for each meal and sharing my knowledge with you. You will learn how to prepare all meals with delicious fresh wholefoods (gluten and dairy free and no processed sugar) and will be amazed at how good everything tastes with both raw and cooked options. There will also be opportunity to discuss further food options and nutritional information. You will receive a workbook containing all recipes created over the 3 days, which will give you the confidence when you get home to re-create these meals for yourself and your families.

Our Relationship with Food:  Everyone has a relationship with food, sometimes beneficial and other times not so beneficial. In my studies as an Eating Psychology Practitioner it has become very evident that eating disorders, weight issues and some health conditions in many cases are not about the food, this just happens to be the go to…the comforter.  The underlying reasons could be from past emotional hurts and feelings that are being held in your body.  This is why diets rarely work and why over 90% of people that lose weight put that weight (and more) back on within 12 months. It is extremely important that anyone struggling in these areas understand that it is not a will power issue or lack of determination. Being judgmental and beating yourself up will further impact on your health and will not give you any positive outcomes. If what you have been doing is not working, then it may be time to try something different.

Healthy Living Inspirations 4-Day Healthy Foundation Workshop Includes: 

  • 4 nights’ accommodation (if required)
  • All meals during the 3-Days of workshops
  • Ongoing food workshops 
  • Meal plan workbook with all recipes included
  • Esoteric Healing Massage
  • Energetic Facial Release
  • Eating Psychology and nutritional coaching throughout the 3 days
  • One on one personal consultation
  • Exercise, stretching and gentle breath coaching
  • Free time to explore on the first and last day.                                                                           


At ‘belle la vie’ we have two accommodation choices

Our beautiful boutique B & B Garden View Room which can accommodate two people. A fold out bed can be supplied if separate bedding is required. (click here to go to B & B information)

or Our Gorgeous Holiday Cabin which can accommodate two people. A fold our bed cane supplied if seperate bedding is required. (click her to go to Holiday Cabin)

Healthy Foundation Workshops can be organised for two people for a more private experience keeping it more intimate and providing a more comfortable learning experience.  However, the workshop can accommodate up to 4 people. 

Individual bookings are welcome; however, you would need to be willing to share the accommodation with one other person. This program would also suit couples looking to support each other in a healthier way of living, or friends or family members that are keen to improve their health.


  • $1450 per person (includes accommodation)
  • $2550 per couple (includes accommodation

For booking inquiries and booking dates please contact Kerrie 0404659237.  Your preferred dates can be discussed and mutually agreeable timeframes can be organised.

This is your ‘me’ time, to establish sustainable healthy habits to support you to be the best ‘you’ possible and to create a healthy mind and body which will support you to live and love life, while here on planet earth.

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