Why Buy organic from a Farmers Market?

Why buy organic or fresh produce from your local Farmers Market?

organic farmers markets


If you are anything like myself, I would spend most of my hard earned money at the large supermarkets, thinking that I was buying fresh fruit and veggies that had been sourced from our local farmers, which meant that this so called fresh produce would be full of nutrition…..hmmm not really that true in this day and age.  You really can’t be sure where this produce comes from and how fresh it is….and if it is fresh from large mass produced farming that uses tons of chemical fertilizers to stimulate plant growth….how much nutrition is actually in the produce and what chemicals are we feeding our family?

I no longer want to risk my health and the health of my family…

So I have made the choice to shop at our local farmers markets buying local organically grown or farm fresh produce. This not only supports our local farmers, but also gives me confidence that I am using the freshest and most nutritious produce available.

We live in a beautiful part of Northern NSW where there are many fantastic farmers’ markets available giving locals and visiters the opportunity to buy fresh local produce. Byron Bay, Bangalow, Ballina and Lismore all have Famers Markets and Lismore also has an organic market called the ‘Rainbow Region Organic Market which is on every Tuesday from 7.30am to 11.00am at the Lismore Showground.

ByronBangalow Farmers Market is on every Saturday 8am – 11am, behind The Bangalow Hotel in Bangalow and the Byron Bay Farmers Market is on every Thursday from 8am, Butler Street Reserve, Byron Bay

Lismore Produce Market  is a friendly weekly market in the heart of Lismore’s CBD and is on every Thursday from 3.30 to 6.30pm and the Lismore Farmers Market is on every Saturday 8am – 11am at Lismore Showground.

Lismore farmers market

photo by Lismore Farmers Market

Ballina Farmer’s Market is on every Sunday 6am to 5pm at Missingham Park, Ballina and the Mullumbimby Farmer’s Market is on every Friday from 7am to 11am, Mullumbimby Showground.  The Channon Craft Market which has fresh locally grown produce plus a huge variety of other stalls and is on the 2nd Sunday of every month at Coronation Park, The Channon.

Buying organically grown fresh produce is definitely the best option, however if this is not easily accessible, then buying freshly grown produce from your local farmers should be your next best option.

I recently watched a documentary call ‘The Worm is Turning’ https://vimeo.com/ondemand/thewormisturning , which I would recommend as compulsory viewing, which shows historical footage where the current corporate model of chemical, monoculture style farming comes from, and how it was spread around the world and shows the devastating health effects of this type of agriculture.

The film shows amazing examples of farmers from India, to USA to Australia, demonstrating a better method of farming, both for human health and for a better environment, one that is sustainable and restorative. Study after study has shown that small, ecological farms are in fact more productive and efficient with resources, and are the best model going forward.

Right now in the world, centralized, chemical agriculture is destroying economies and the ecology of the world. We the people, together have the power to change this by supporting small organic farmers, and demanding that our governments encourage this type of agriculture.

The documentary has been shown in local theatres and community centre in northern NSW such as Byron Bay and Lismore and in many other areas. If you google ‘The Worm is Turning’ you will find many links available.

There are so many very valid reasons to source and buy organically grown produce:

You…Avoid chemicals – Eating organically grown foods is the only way to avoid the cocktail of chemical poisons present in commercially grown food.

You…Benefit from more nutrients –Organically grown foods have more nutrients—vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrients—than commercially grown foods because the soil is managed and nourished with sustainable practices by responsible standards.

You…Enjoy a better taste – Organically grown foods generally taste better because nourished, well balanced soil produces healthy, strong plants. This is especially true with heirloom varieties, which are cultivated for taste over appearance.

You…Avoid GMO – Genetically engineered (GE) food and genetically modified organisms (GMO) are contaminating our food supply at an alarming rate, with repercussions beyond understanding. Organically grown food cannot be genetically modified in any way, choosing organic is the only way to be sure that foods that have been genetically engineered stay out of your diet.

You…Avoid hormones, antibiotics and drugs in animal products –Conventional meat and dairy are the highest risk foods for contamination by harmful substances. The major concerns for consumers include the early onset of puberty, growth of tumors, heightened cancer risks, and genetic problems. Growth hormones in milk (rBGH or rBST) are genetically modified and have been directly linked to cancer, especially in women. Many scientists and experts warn that rampant use of antibiotics in animal feed, like penicillin and tetracycline, will breed an epidemic that medicine has no defense against.

You…Preserve our ecosystems – Organic farming supports eco-sustenance, or farming in harmony with nature. Preservation of soil and crop rotation keep farmland healthy, and chemical abstinence preserves the ecosystem. Wildlife, insects, frogs, birds, and soil organisms are able to play their roles in the tapestry of ecology, and we are able to play ours, without interference or compromise.

You…Reduce pollution and protect water and soil –Agricultural chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers are contaminating our environment, poisoning our precious water supplies, and destroying the value of fertile farmland. Certified organic standards do not permit the use of toxic chemicals in farming and require responsible management of healthy soil and biodiversity.

You…Preserve agricultural diversity –The rampant loss of species occurring today is a major environmental concern. It is estimated that 75% of the genetic diversity of agricultural crops has been lost in the last century. Most conventional food is also extremely hybridized to produce large, attractive specimens, rather than a variety of indigenous strains that are tolerant to regional conditions such as droughts and pests. Many organic farms grow an assorted range of food, taking natural elements and time-tested tradition into account. Diversity is critical to survival.

You…Support farming directly – Buying organic food is an investment in a cost-effective sustainable future.

You…Keep our children and future safe – Spending dollars in the organic sector is a direct vote for a sustainable future for the many generations to come.

Hopefully this gives you food for thought when it comes time to go shopping next and gives you a compelling reason to source fresh organic or locally grown produce from your local farmers.

Yours in good health